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How To: 8 Holiday Marketing Tips

We know marketing during the holidays for small business can be a hefty tasks so allow us to break down the essentials with these 8 Holiday Marketing Tips:

1. Start Planning Now

It takes time to create a well-executed holiday campaign so get a head start on your festive marketing materials by planning as early in advance as you can.

You’re going to need as much time as you can get to ensure you’re prepared for brand, campaign, or promotion to launch, take your time and be strategic! 


2. Know Your Audience

While it’s important to communicate the great things you have to offer, it’s important that you know who you’re marketing to.

Make sure you’re basing all decisions in your target customer's needs and desires!


3. Decorate Your Website & Social Media Channels

Dress up your social media platforms (this includes your website) with some holiday-inspired elements and colors.

Most consumers enjoy the holiday spirit, and it shows brand personality.


4.Create a Challenge or Contest

Solicit submissions from your social media followers to get them engaged and involved!

Create a #hashtag, offer an incentive, announce a winner, then showcase their submission.


5. Switch Up Your Packaging

Swap out regular packaging and branding for a seasonal, limited edition flare.


6. Break Up Your Content 

Create a more impactful campaign by segmenting your content.

For example:

Consider multiple graphics to communicate instead of trying to fit a ton of information into one, low-impact flyer.

More Graphics = More Content = More Engagement = More Impact


7. Set a Goal

Strategic goals are the main drivers behind launching marketing campaigns.

Set a goal, strategize a plan then support it by implementing measurable marketing tactics that you can assess.

  • Increase Followers

  • Increase Traffic

  • Strengthen Brand

  • Increase Revenue

  • Boost Awareness


8. Track Your Progress

Analyzing your metrics might be the most important part of your campaign.

It’ll let you know how your campaign has performed and what you can do to improve.

All social media platforms and your website has the functionality to show your results - take advantage of it!

Thank you for reading!

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