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How to: Keep Your Website Engaging

Before we talk about engaging content, lets first explain: UI vs UX

UI = User Interface

Making sure your website functions well is top priority. Function can be the difference between a pleasurable online shopping experience and a confusing time trying to figure out how to purchase an item. Check links to make sure they work properly and navigate to the right pages. Promotional codes are active and function correctly. If your website includes a booking interface, try to streamline that process as much as possible.

Keep it simple.

UX = User Experience

The user experience can be defined by how your audience perceives your website. Here is where your content matters. The users experience will be affected by even the most minute details from color story, to quality of your photography and visuals.


Top 3 Recommendations

  1. Keep it Valuable. Visuals grab the audiences attention but the content keeps it. Provide content that your audience will find valuable and keep them coming back or referencing the information. Try to keep away from irrelevant content just for the sake of producing content. Try to create as much value as possible.

  2. Switch it up! To keep your audience engaged, refresh your website's content as often as possible, we recommend updating your website quarterly or as the needs and goals of the business change. Promotions are a great way to funnel traffic to your website while keeping your website refreshed, up-to-date and create a cohesive brand presence across your social platforms.

  3. Reference it often. Links can be added everywhere, to your story on instagram, or in the comments on facebook. Remind your audience how they can access your website, where they can book your service, or buy your products ie. "link in bio" if the link to your website is available in your social account's bio or a direct link to a specific page or product.

For help with these services book your meeting here.

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