Create your own brand logo by simply replacing the placeholder 'Brand' with your brand name and brand colors. The logo is simple but stunning, scalable and perfect for use on the ​web (social media etc) or in print.


Pre-fabricated and customizable, is the most cost effective way to make sure you have a professional logo that accurately represents the goals of your business while staying on budget. Tweak one you already like! So if you like this design but have some slight alterations, Purchase this logo and we will immediately get started on making it yours!



Modern, Natural and Minimal.


  • + The design above will only be sold once, so once it's yours and only yours.

    + We will customize the design to reflect your company name by clicking the "Customize" button before you purchase.

    + You will receive industry standard source files to use on packaging, websites, business cards, merchandise, and more!

    + We are available for questions at